Frequently Asked Questions About the Canine Calm Coat:


Why have you chosen Merino? Merino is a wonderful product to work with, so durable and strong, and it offers a natural stretch which moulds to the unique body shape of the dog, and can be both cool or warm as it thermo regulates and breathes in harmony with the body, whilst avoiding any odour retention. It is also important to keep their company carbon footprint small, and so by using New Zealand grown and woven merino, and local manufacturers they can achieve this.

Which dogs will benefit from the use of the Canine Calm Coat? The Canine Calm Coat currently comes in 5 sizes, from XXS to Large, and the use of Velcro allows the compression belt to be adjustable to different body shapes. This allows the coat to be used by many different breeds of dogs. The Canine Calm Coat can be used in any situation where stress and anxiety affect our dogs. Such as:

·  Elderly dogs, especially those developing dementia.

·  Behavioural changes due to stress.

·  Kennel stays.

·  Groomer and Vet Clinic visits.

·  Post op rehabilitation or Veterinary Hospitalisation.

·  Car travel.

·  Moving house.

·  New babies in the family.

·  Meeting stranger dogs or people.

·  Loud noises

·  Earthquakes

How does the Canine Calm Coat work?  The use of compression in the relief of physical muscular tension is well documented in both Human and Animal Medicine. In addition, there is a plethora of research available linking Proprioceptive Bio-feedback, with a reduction in stress and anxiety, on a neurological level.

Also, in the field of Acupuncture and Acupressure, there are many energetic meridian lines within the body.  The Solar Plexus region is a major Chakra, that governs the animals sense of determination and personal power, and when this area is out of balance the animal can show signs of fear, domination and withdrawal, with an over emphasis on aggression in some cases. When this area is balanced the animal can calm down and is able to rebalance their emotions. The pressure belt of the calm coat runs over the Solar Plexus Chakra. When the Calm Coat is worn, this compression is able to bring a dog that is 'Stuck' in a cycle of mental fear and repetitive stress behaviour, back into the present, by grounding him, and effectively taking his mind off of his worries, allowing him to regain a balance of control, and soothe his mental stress through the action of a 'Hug from a Rug'.

When should my anxious dog wear the Calm Coat? Ideally the calm coat should be fitted before the dog is likely to become anxious, as a prophylactic tool. However, in some extreme cases of chronic anxiety where there are layers of reasons causing stress, the coat can be worn all day and night; then as the anxiety reduces, gradually wean the dog off of the coat, by gradually reducing the amount of time he wears it. Then only use it when required in times of stress, for example visits to the Vets.

How long will it take to work? Every dog is different, and some cases will show immediate calm while others will take a little longer. Often, we have seen that a dog will stop, and can even lie down as soon as the coat is fitted.

Will the Canine Calm Coat help all stressed dogs? Obviously every case of canine anxiety is unique and different; we offer no guarantees of cure, but our research has shown that all anxiety is reduced by some degree when the calm coat is worn. However, in some cases other therapies may be required in conjunction with the Canine Calm Coat in order to enable the dog to completely relax. The Canine Calm Coat is not designed as a substitute for Veterinary Care, but can work in harmony alongside all forms of medication, as it provides a Natural Drug Free and Safe option to aid the reduction of Canine Stress.

What other options are available to reduce my dog's anxiety? Your Veterinarian can advise you on medications that will tranquilize your dog. A dog trainer or qualified Canine Behaviorist can also help with training tools. And Becky Hadfield is a qualified Animal Naturopath who is trained to create a unique Natural and Drug Free prescription of Herbal medicines and Homeopathic remedies tailored to suit each canine case. She is also able to offer relaxing canine massage treatments which are very useful at releasing the muscle spasm created by anxiety episodes. http://goo.gl/mqBNR


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