Our Coat Range

Our Beautiful dog coats, are manufactured locally.   Using natural, quality fabrics we create limited edition, luxurious garments for dogs. 

Why Wool?
Wool is one of the Earth's most sustainable resources. It is 100% biodegradable and has a lower carbon impact on the planet compared to manmade fibre products. We choose to use wool for it's many unique attributes including, breathability, insulation, durability, odour resistant, non-flamable,anti-static, and renowned softness and comfort. This superior fibre does not harbour dangerous dangerous chemicals, dust or mould that can lead to allergic reactions

Pet Anxiety
In our busy, modern world, some pets can experience anxiety. Compression has been scientifically proven to reduce this stress response. The unique patented design of the Canine Calm Coat applies constant and even pressure to the chest region of the dog. Our Merino wool Calm Coats offer a natural, drug-free aid to relaxation, for your anxious pet. 

Please choose your Dog's coat carefully, using our sizing guide, and see our returns policy for more information.